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viernes, marzo 25, 2005

Building Community

Last spring I works in a community garden in my neighborhood. It was a very interesting experience shared with families from differents countries. Some of this people were students, social workers, artists, agronomy engineer, etc.

The city brought us organic soil. We prepaired the beds and pulled all the weeds. We had a wheelbarrow, some pitchforks, rakes and hoes. We shared all the work from the digging of the plot to the harvest.

We wanted to grow organic food, but we didn't have seeds, so the Regional Environmental Council brought us some. We planted cherry tomatoes, radishes, turnips, basil, peppers, all kind of herbs, peas, eggplants, cabbages, squashes, weatermelos, cucumbers, etc The problem was that there was too many turnips and radishes.When this crops were grown we didn't know what to do with them. We send some harvest to "Food not bombs" and with the rest was used for a very fanny workshop of souerkraut, pesto and dried herbs.

Because we are ambitious we are dreamming with a seeds bank, and we are going to start one on next summer-fall.

This year we are going to statrt gardening again. We will have our first meeting next Sunday, April 3, 4pm. I invite you to join us and enjoy this extraordinaire community experience.Also I invite you to a workshop, "Seeds of Change, held in Centro las Americas, next April 9 (1 to 6pm).


At 9:35 a. m., Blogger Gina said...

That is excellent! The best to you and your new venture!


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