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martes, marzo 15, 2005

sic transis

I was born in Uruguay, small country settled in South America, a wedge that separates the two powers of south. In a country with an agribusiness base economy, (primarily of export), the meat caused flourished the frigorificos and the wool the textiles factories. We could not avoid the dictatorships of the seventies, and we live many years of obscurantism under the military boot, during which the sources of work were lost and the labor rights obtained in the epoch of the Switzerland of America, and we live a strong economic crisis. It was in that context in which somebody managed to sell the labor force of the women that knit "for exportation" in conditions at times distressing, all the night in light of a candle, in poorest houses made of sod, in the middle of the field. It touched me to organize to the people for "to take forward " the productions, to teach to knit, to work as a group with the designers or buyers (almost always from usa) to create the samples that would be sold, to do quality control, to do the patterns and diagrams, in short, to manage to have the orders in time and form.
What began being a hobby that enjoyed a lot finished being a profession that gave me many satisfactions. The knitting by hand continued the road of the other products in the world and the buyers displaced to China, where the productions are larger, faster and cheaper.
Though I enjoyed a lot of this work, the to do of intermediary with the one that was appropriated of the profit, the to knit the design of another person and the to supervise a badly payed and repetitive work, that the majority of the kniters did as a prison sentence of the one that himself cannot escape, did not permit me to feel the pleasure to create freely like I am doing now, knitting without none obligation, by the simple esthetic pleasure.


At 1:23 a. m., Blogger Gina said...

Aracne, you are to be commended! That is an awesome job and many people will be and are being helped. "In all labor there is profit" Diligence is a most precious possession.
Keep plowing ahead!
p.s. Your English is very good!


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