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martes, febrero 15, 2005

listed 2 new people on my blogrolling called "clicks": crochet chronicles and Micaela&Lakele

I am bussy for the moment, so I stop knitting,but don't worry, I'll be back soon!!
Thanks Gina for the link, I just see your TV show, i am realy impressed, you have a beatifull voice ( and believe me, you are a realy beatifull woman).
I must to finish my son sweater's, it needs two sleeves and only have one, it was always my problem, i can't repeat the pieces( i get bored).
My computer get crazy (ok, i am guilty), i scan a picture of my daughter wearing a landscape sweater ( i think it is beatifull), that we ( my husband and I ) design and knit, but i can't upload it.


At 2:34 p. m., Blogger Gina said...

Hello Aracne, thank you for your lovely words and I am glad you liked my tv show! I am working on the next one for March.
Best to you!
Gina Renay


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